Your rights concerning car collision repairs

  • Rights of the Insured

    Accidents are part of life. When they happen, it is normal that you wish your vehicle to be restored to the condition it was before the accident.

    Your insurer can suggest repair shops, however, you have the privilege to choose the repair shop yourself and the insurer must respect that decision.

    Unfortunately, many insurance companies insist or require that you visit a workshop selected by the insurance company and lead you to believe that the repairs will not be covered or that the work will not be guaranteed if you go somewhere you have chosen but does not appear on their list.

    You have no legal obligation to go to the body shop chosen by your insurer. You own the vehicle, you pay your premiums and you have the right to entrust the repairs of your vehicle to the shop of your choice. This is clearly indicated on the website of the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

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  • Answer Concerning the Warranty

    Question: My insurer says that he can not guarantee the repair of my vehicle if I do not do the use repair shop they impose on me. Is that true?

    Answer : False! Concerning vehicule repairs, Article 176 of the Office of Consumer Protection of Quebec stipulates : Repairs are guaranteed for three (3) months or 5,000 km whichever comes first met. The warranty takes effect at the time of delivery of the vehicle ...

    Visit the website of the Office de la protection du consommateur (this reference is not available in English).